I think you can tell about Allen's condition because of what I explained about the aspect"L" in About,and so on...

To put it simply, he has been in a coma for almost 4 years and has not yet awakened.

And that world is not Backrooms, but the space between the afterlife and this world (hereafter CORE).

In other words, if he crossed the bridge to the afterlife, he would no longer be alive.

So how can Allen wake up?

The answer is simple. He can get on a train bound for this world, and his soul can merge completely with his body.

But he does not know where that train is, or even that it exists in the first place. ”He will never be saved that way!” I'm sure you would say.

That's where Campanella comes in.

(who is Campanella?→HERE)

Campanella's mission is to bring Allen back to this world. With Campanella's help, he will be able to return to his normal, peaceful life.

But here's one problem.

Because of Louis, who is always by Allen's side, Allen sees Campanella as an enemy.

Louis will do whatever it takes to get Allen to the afterlife, so, so in order to bring Allen back, he first has to do something about Louis.

The way to do that is... Well, let's not talk about it any more.

Allen:Are ya who Louis spoke of? Haha, I'm surprised I didn't think there was another person...