my diary1

my diary#1


A staff member gave me a diary to commemorate my entering the second grade of junior high school.
  I am a little surprised that the amount of pages is more than I expected.
  I don't know what to write in it...
  At any rate, I have to make sure I don't become a three-day monk.


my diary#2


I was going to say no comment about the class members, but there was one boy who seemed to hit it off with me.
  He likes listening to music and reading books.
  I wonder if we could get along...


my diary#3

Today, I was reading a book at the library when that boy came to talk to me.
I thought he was going to say something annoying to me again, but he suddenly said, "Won't you be my friend?" I couldn't help but laugh.
... I was so happy.
Tomorrow is going to be a good day!