Louis Anderson

Louis Anderson


He is already a college student?Yes, he is, and he is a loner now. lol
The main character of aspect"L".

Age: 21

Height: about 6.2 feet(192cm)

Race: Radavian


BORN: February 11, 1986

SEXUALITY: Panromantic

Likes: Allen, Eddie, alcohol, fantasies, listening to music (classical, etc.), spicy food, quiet and clean forests or flower gardens, reading, his own sister and her daughter and her husband, lemon squash, B-grade horror movies (because they are funny in many ways)

Dislikes: rude person, noisy places, banana-flavored candy (but he likes bananas), math, loneliness, bugs (especially centipedes), being asked about his high school days, His mother (rather not good at it)

Louis completely closed himself off from the trauma of high school and stopped listening to his mother, but thanks to his sister's words, he is now able to attend college.

But he still doesn't seem to have any college friends(´・ω・`) (The only friend he has now is Eddie)

I think Louis would literally do anything for Allen now...

(Moreover, he is not interested in fashion, he picks clothes at random from those he finds scattered around his room)